We Translated the Best-Picture Oscar Nominees Into Emojis

Best Picture Oscar Nominees as emoji
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences/Apple (EDITED)

Screenwriters and Snapchatters share the same mantra: "Show, don't tell." With that in mind, we're going to stop typing words about the eight Best Picture nominees, and instead offer the most visual means of previewing the category in advance of this Sunday's Academy Awards: emojis. Whether our stab at translating each film's plot into emojis makes you [face-of-joy emoji] or confused, they're essentially spoilers, so reader beware.

Mad Max: Fury Road as emojis
Apple (EDITED)

Mad Max: Fury Road

iOS' 9.3's emoji upgrade will carry you to the gates of Valhalla.

Bridge of Spies - Emoji
Apple (EDITED)

Bridge of Spies

Steven Spielberg's Cold War drama is a throwback to the days when Frank Capra used to draw his emojis by hand.

The Martian as emoji
Apple (EDITED)

The Martian

The "Face With Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye" emoji will henceforth be known as the "I just scienced the shit out of this" face. The poo emoji will continue to be known as the poo emoji, but with added respectability.

Brooklyn as emoji
Apple (EDITED)


This Irish love story is now the best case for the addition of ginger emojis

The Revenant as emoji
Apple (EDITED)

The Revenant

The bear emoji: adorable until it claws you to the ground and gnaws off your backside. And there isn't even an Oscar emoji to make it all better.

The Big Short as emoji
Apple (EDITED)

The Big Short

Life hack: when your friend says he lost his house in an apocalyptic mortgage crisis, don't respond with a sad-face emoji. Do send them the hugging snowman.

Room as emoji
Apple (EDITED)


Emojis are so inherently happy, you may think this survivor's tale is a walk in the park. Nope. It'll drain eight gallons of tear water from your ducts. Sorry.

Spotlight as emoji
Apple (EDITED)


We're 100% positive the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe journalists at the heart of this investigative drama would be proud to see their work commemorated in emoji form. One hundred percent.

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