Here's Why Actors Are Wearing Orange Pins at The Oscars

At the 90th annual Academy Awards on Sunday night, you'll likely be tuning in for the show's unbelievable snubs and tear-jerking acceptance speeches. But before the show begins, actors on the red carpet will be making good use of the media gaggle by voicing support for stricter gun control, according to a source who confirmed the news with People

In the wake of last month's high school shooting in Parkland Florida, in which 17 people were killed, several stars have teamed up with the gun control advocacy group Everytown. In a show of solidarity with victims of gun violence in Parkland and beyond, actors will be wearing orange pins made by the organization. The issue of gun control, which has been a huge flashpoint in the national dialogue since the Parkland shooting, has largely been driven by high school students. 

Teen organizers of March For Our Lives, which formed in the immediate aftermath of the Parkland shooting, have already received $500,000 from George and Amal Clooney -- a donation that was matched by Oprah shortly afterwards, according to Entertainment Weekly

The move comes after this year's Golden Globes, in which celebrities teamed up with Time's Up, an organization dedicated to fighting sexual abuse in the entertainment industry and beyond. Time's Up confirmed that it won't be trying to cultivate a presence at this year's Oscars. Director Ava DuVernay told the LA Times on Thursday: "We are not an awards show protest we stand down this time." 

The Oscars will air live from the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles at 5pm PST this Sunday, March 4. 

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