The Perfect Spotify Playlist for Every Presidential Candidate

Earlier this year, President Obama released a pair of Spotify playlists. Listeners commended him on his great taste in classic hip-hop and contemporary indie rock, while his detractors were quick to point out that Mos Def is probably a socialist and Coldplay is still making music.

This year's presidential candidates would do well to follow suit and keep it real. With that in mind, we came up with playlists for the major candidates. Read on to learn what tunes make Trump's trunk thump and keep Ben Carson tapping his toes, but hopefully not while performing brain surgery.

Hillary's Private Home Playlist

Hillary's taking a page from Bill's book by kicking off her mix with his campaign anthem, looking back to the salad days as secretary of state with perhaps Paul McCartney's weirdest song, and then closing with a few tracks that reveal that she never really got over the whole Monica scandal.

Marco Rubio's Summer Playlist

There's no thirstier season than summer.

Ben Carson's Musical Medicine

Carson teaches you how to do both the Dougie and the Doogie.

Ted Cruz's Favorite Tunes

Ted starts off playing towards his Tea Party base, then immediately flies off the chain once all eyez are on him.

Bernie's iPod

Back in the days when he was a teenager, before he had status or a pager, you could catch Bernie, listening to the themes from black-and-white cartoons. Also, he proves he's got a little self-awareness by picking Drake to admit he very well might not be healthy enough for a second term.

Rand Paul's Music to Stand Up To

The Who might have objected to his use of Baba O'Riley in his campaign launch, but they can't violate his personal liberty to stream their music for free!

Trump Thumpin' Megamix

Trump is a wrecking ball at the debate pedestal, and his playlist accordingly showcases his penchant for braggadocio, money, and confusion about immigration.

Jeb's Party Mix

Jeb does his best to distance himself from his brother, especially when partying. Then shows off his loves Spanish and God and not understanding questions.

Chris Christie's Running Mix

Christie's all about New Jersey pride and keeping his enemies close enough to hug.

Rick Perry's Not Giving Up Mix

Perry started from the bottom and now he's, well, still there. But take a look at him now that he has those glasses!

Joe Jams

Biden is the most swagged-out VP in history, so it should be no surprise that a track must bang as hard as healthcare reform to qualify as a Joe Jam. But despite all the heavy-hitting hip-hop, he's still got his doubts about running, as well as an unquenchable affection for women in cat eye glasses.

A Mixtape Someone Gave to Elizabeth Warren

Warren has made it clear that she won't participate in the presidential circus, but that didn't stop a gregarious fan from handing her this love letter of a mixtape on cassette with a handwritten track list (and download code attached!).

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Dan Gentile is a staff writer at Thrillist. He currently has the Doogie Howser song stuck in his head. Follow him to teenage doctors at @Dannosphere.