Thrillist dares you to separate the real moments from the fake in Snoop Lion’s new doc

Published On 03/12/2013 Published On 03/12/2013

Photo: Flickr / NRK P3
You might remember last Summer when Snoop Dogg decided to hop on the reinvention bandwagon and christen himself reggae enthusiast Snoop Lion. Well, it’s time to breathe easy: all your questions will finally be answered in Snoop’s upcoming documentary Reincarnated. The movie is hitting select theaters this week, and to give you a taste of what’s in store, here are some incredible moments from Snoop Lion’s weed-fueled Jamaican vacation spiritual journey, mixed in with some incredibly fake ones. See if you can tell the difference

  1. While explaining that he wants to move away from rap, Snoop says with conviction, “I know Obama wants me to play at the White House, but what am I gonna play?”
  2. Reggae legend Bunny Wailer and Snoop do something called a "lion paw" instead of a "pound it".
  3. Snoop records a song about juice that has no mention of gin.
  4. Damian Marley asks if he can have one of Snoop's old pimp hats. Snoop complies.
  5. Snoop twirls around in a rasta flag mesh tank repeatedly.
  6. During a recording break, Snoop busts out a Bugs Bunny impression.
  7. During a recording break, Snoop busts out a Scooby-Doo impression.
  8. Snoop is pushed around on some sort of gondola, looks like a stoned pharaoh.
  9. Snoop opens a concert with, “Jah! Rastafari!”
  10. The bongo drummer and the harpsichord player argue bitterly about technique.
  11. After smoking with Bunny Wailer, Damian Marley, and a large sect of the Jamaican population, Snoop gets high on a mountain.
  12. Snoop offers Diplo's dog a joint.
  13. “I’m 40, so I’m wise now. Wiser. Budweiser.”

  14. Got guesses? Leave 'em in the comments.



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