Everything We Know About 'Raising Dion' Season 2

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Raising Dion is one of Netflix's latest bingeable sci-fi offerings. Based on the comic book and short film of the same name by Dennis Liu, the series follows single mom Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) and son Dion (Ja'Siah Young) as they deal with the loss of Dion's father, Mark (Michael B. Jordan). An already complicated situation becomes impossible when Dion begins to manifest supernatural powers, from the Matilda-esque ability to levitate his cereal to the capacity to teleport out of risky situations. Like any good "strange powers appearing out of nowhere" drama (see: NBC's Heroes or even Netflix's Stranger Things), Nicole must protect Dion from risky situations, like strange enemies or agencies looking for the chance to research his abilities, alongside her husband's best friend, Pat (Jason Ritter). 

Netflix released the first season of Raising Dion in October, leaving us with a few cliffhangers that cry out for a second season. Here's everything we pieced together about the future of the series.

Has Raising Dion been renewed for a second season?

Not yet. It's only been a few months since the series premiere in October, so the lack of a Season 2 confirmation isn't necessarily a bad sign. Ultimately, Netflix renewals are subject to the whims of viewership numbers and the platform's algorithm. Raising Dion was for the most part positively received (we liked it), so a renewal seems likely.

When will Season 2 of Raising Dion premiere?

Without renewal and production news, it's hard to make a reliable guess as to when we'll get a second season. That being said, most Netflix series stick to a year or so between seasons, so late 2020 would likely be the earliest we could expect Season 2 at this point.

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Who will return for Season 2?

Raising Dion wouldn't be Raising Dion without the titular character and his mother, so it's reasonable to expect Ja'Siah Young to return as Dion and Alisha Wainwright as Nicole. Given that Dion's father, Mark, still technically isn't dead, we'll probably be seeing more of Michael B. Jordan on-screen. Count Jazmyn Simon's Kat in for Season 2 as well. 

The jury's still out on Pat (played by Jason Ritter), who was defeated in the season finale after managing to hide his identity for nine episodes. After his defeat, however, we saw the storm-like entity possess Brayden, another second-gen super like Dion. Given that cliffhanger, we'll definitely be seeing more of Griffin Faulkner as Brayden. Ritter's appearance, however, is more up in the air. 

The rest of the supporting cast is a bit of a toss up, but we'll probably see Sammi Haney and Gavin Munn return as Dion's friends Esperanza and Jonathan, respectively. Given that scientific organization BIONA is still around, Ali Ahn will likely return as Suzanne Wu, the organization's head. 

What's the plot of Season 2?

The Season 1 finale put a pin in the Crooked Man's pursuit of Dion and other supers after Nicole, Dion, and BIONA managed to disintegrate Pat. However, the finale's cliffhanger ending revealed that the stormy entity managed to possess Brayden, the son of one of the superpowered men the Crooked Man had absorbed. That sets us up for a Season 2 conflict between Dion and Brayden, bringing the fight primarily to the second generation of super kids. 

The other big, remaining question concerns the fates of those who were absorbed by the Crooked Man, notably Dion's father, Mark. During the Season 1 finale, we saw his spirit briefly become corporeal, allowing him to speak with Nicole and Dion before fading away once again. Mark isn't quite alive, but he's not quite dead either -- that means that his fate is still up in the air. We can probably expect a significant amount of Season 2 to be devoted to bringing Mark and those who were absorbed by the Crooked Man (and whose spirits were released during his disintegration) back to life.

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