A 'That '70s Show' Reunion Is Happening on Netflix's 'The Ranch'

Ashton Kutcher That 70s Show
Ashton Kutcher's Instagram

Our long national nightmare is over: Fez will reunite with his long-lost Wisconsin friends Michael Kelso and Steven Hyde. While watchful fans of Ashton Kutcher's social media accounts know that the three TV friends occasionally hang out in real life -- check out this classic "Fam" Instagram post if you need proof -- the three young stars haven't shared the same fictional sitcom universe in a while. That all changes now because Fez is coming home to The Ranch.

According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Wilmer Valderrama will guest-star in three episodes in the second half of the Netflix show's first season, which all true Ranch-heads know debuts on October 7. Will Valderrama play a foreign exchange student of mysterious origins? Sadly no, but he will be portraying a Umberto, an ex-ranch-hand at the Colorado ranch Kutcher and Masterson's brother characters call home. Will he say "good day!" at some point? God willing.

Though Valderrama's character was not featured in the trailer for the show's upcoming episodes, his character isn't some random drop-in. Entertainment Weekly says he'll be playing "a third Bennett brother" but that Colt and Rooster "haven't seen him in years." You're already tearing up, right? Let's get Topher Grace in there too, guys. Stop teasing us with these mini-reunions. Watch the trailer and dream about more '70s Show reunions below.

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