Real-Life Stories of the Road from The Avett Brothers & 4 More Touring Bands

Published On 11/05/2015 Published On 11/05/2015
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Courtesy of Less Than Jake/Alan Snodgrass

The final drive with Bob was him in the bus in his boxers and a cowboy hat, no shirt and no pants

Courtesy of Less Than Jake/Alan Snodgrass
Courtesy of Doomtree/Zoe Prinds

[He] bought me a drink of whatever clear delicacy was common there… this gasoline cocktail.

Courtesy of Doomtree/Nate Ryan

I got a tattoo of a little caricature of him wearing an old-timey muscle man shirt doing a handstand. 

Courtesy of Of Monsters and Men/Meredith Truax
Courtesy of Idlewild
Courtesy of The Avett Brothers

We were all forced to cram up on the living room floor... spooning with this dog.

Courtesy of Doomtree/Evan Kaucher