Republicans Don't Like 'Game of Thrones,' Suggests New Survey

Published On 07/20/2016 Published On 07/20/2016
jon snow screams on game of thrones

Could your place on the political spectrum inform your television habits? A new poll, from entertainment data crunchers E-Score, suggests so. According to released findings, Democrats and Republicans alike turn to a handful of preferred shows during those rare hours when they aren't ranting on Facebook. 

Pollsters analyzed over 750 prime time broadcast, cable, and streaming programs among Americans of voting age who are affiliated with one of the two major political parties, with each show sporting a sample size of around 1,200 respondents. The company ranked the shows described by respondents as "One of My Favorites," and created the subsequent breakdowns:

1. Game of Thrones (HBO)
2. The Have and the Have Nots (OWN)
3. Supernatural (CW)
4. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
5. Suits (USA)
6. The Walking Dead (AMC)
7. How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)
8. Doctor Who (BBC America)
9. Empire (FOX)
10. Nashville (ABC)

1. Supernatural (CW)
2. The Walking Dead (AMC)
3. Scorpion (CBS)
4. Arrow (CW)
5. The Flash (CW)
6. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
8. Blue Bloods (CBS)
9. Grimm (NBC)
10. Last Man Standing (ABC)

The survey also asked viewers to use their words. According to E-Score, Republicans prefer shows that are safer for families, "Family Friendly" and "Funny." Democrats prefer "edgier" programming, which ranges from the "Sexy" to the "Emotionally Involving." They named Game of Thrones, The Haves and the Have Nots, and Suits the sexiest series, while (we assume) Republicans covered the ears of their children as they watched Tim Allen's Last Man Standing in silence. Sheesh, when will a brave showrunner step up to write a sexy series that also pushes the conservative agenda? 

A few additional takeaways: 

  • Do Republicans avoid Game of Thrones for political reasons? Does it hit close to home? 
  • Nashville, a country music show embedded in a predominantly conservative part of the country, saw love from Democrats but not Republicans?
  • Are politically aligned TV viewers not keen on Netflix?
  • Do Clinton and Trump supports each see a post-apocalyptic future brought on by the other candidate in the The Walking Dead zombified sadism? 
  • Is Supernatural the key to bipartisanship? 
  • What is it about The Big Bang Theory? 
  • Grimm!

The 2016 Emmy Awards take place on September 18. Election Day is November 8. Could a show's major win, a pulse-check of America's zeitgeist, predict the outcome? Probably not. But Republicans, come on, get on Game of Thrones!

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