17 Royal Baby Names Much Better Than Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

baby with crown
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1) Alexis
It worked for popular girls at public schools in the '90s. 

2) A Lexus
Slight variation.

3) Frank
Boys' names on girls are hot this season.

4) Oliver Cromwell 
Historical boys' names are hot this season.

5) Illuminati 
Call her “Lumie” for short?

6) Tracey Dick  
Reverse movie tie-in names are hot this season.

7) Fleek
That means good or something, right?

8) Charlotte Diana Elizabeth

9) Good Charlotte
Great band names are hot this season.

10) Oil Can Boyd
'80s baseball pitchers' names are hot this season.

11) Nancy Drew
Pathbreaking transgender characters in fiction’s names are hot this season.

12) Girl Jesus

13) Lord Commander Samwell Tarly of the Night’s Watch
What it lacks in accuracy is made up for in cuteness.

14) Kristy Claudia Mary Anne Stacey Dawn Mallory Logan
Has to be in that order.

15) Crumpet Da Gawd

16) Garfield
Cats who like lasagna are hot this season.

17) Prude Kim Cattrall