Kate McKinnon Makes Ryan Gosling Lose It Again in New 'SNL' Alien Sketch

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If Ryan Gosling's hosting Saturday Night Live, you can bank on seeing Ms. Rafferty. The movie star reunited with Kate McKinnon's oft-naked cosmic curiosity this weekend for another CIA visit. You see, they're now the only people to have experienced two verified alien abductions, and Aidy Bryant and Mikey Day needed to know what happened this time.

Turns out Gosling and Cecily Strong had an enlightening experience, while Rafferty dealt with fat-eyed aliens who had never seen a butt crack before. They were "like shoppers storming a Walmart on Black Friday," Rafferty said, demonstrating the tests she endured (read: punching, kneading, nose-diving) on Gosling's ass. As with the story of the first close encounter, everyone on set had a hard time keeping their shit together.

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