Kate McKinnon Turned Jeff Sessions into Forrest Gump on 'Saturday Night Live'

This year, we're keeping track of Saturday Night Live's funniest moments as they happen. Read "The Best SNL Sketches of 2017 (So Far)" for the latest laughs.

Real Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a bad week, which meant Saturday Night Live Jeff Sessions was destined to have a great one. For the show's cold open, Kate McKinnon turned the headline-making Trump appointee into a chatty Forrest Gump, speaking to a revolving door of bus riders (Leslie Jones, Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, and host Octavia Spencer) and making colorful comparisons in the process.

"This whole mess began with a Congressional hearing," McKinnon drawled. "A senator from up north started asking me all these questions about Russia and if I ever talked to 'em, and I got so nervous and confused. I got as worked up as a double-donged piggy in a room full of sows."

The pint-size politician continued to list the snafus plaguing his stint as Attorney General and reminded viewers of his past -- the latter of which earned him a special treat: Minny's chocolate pie.

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