Surprise 'SNL' Sketch Has Matthew McConaughey Audition for 'Star Wars'

Published On 06/01/2016 Published On 06/01/2016

Last November, Saturday Night Live jumped on the The Force Awakens hype train for a round of "failed Star Wars auditions." The sketch saw cast members and big name celebrities star in mock screen tests for roles in the movie, including Jon Hamm as Han Solo, Aidy Bryant's Wynonna Judd auditioning for Rey, and the real Michael BublĂ© serenading Daisy Ridley about "making Wookiee." 

The bit played well enough that, nearly eight months later, SNL's YouTube dropped a bunch of auditions cut from the original segment. Vanessa Bayer does Jennifer Lawrence as Captain Phasma. John Boyega delivers an "urban" version of Finn the Stormtrooper. Matthew McConaughey shows up to do his "Lando Calrissian voice," which sounds exactly the same as his Matthew McConaughey voice. If you're reeling from a lack of Star Wars in your life, this never-before-seen sketch does the trick.

What current SNL fans may not realize is that the Star Wars sketch is actually a follow-up to a bit from 1997, when host and impression virtuoso Kevin Spacey played Christopher Walken as Han Solo and Jack Lemmon as Chewbacca. No offense to McConaughey, but Spacey's take was legendary.


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