Watch 'SNL' Cast Members Lose It During "Sexual Harassment Charlie" Sketch

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With all of the sexual harassment scandals ripping through Hollywood and, well, pretty much every industry,Saturday Night Live has been offering its fair share of takes on the cultural sea change. This week, James Franco stopped by to host the show and play a role as a recently fired CFO who has to offer his apology to the staff. There's also Charlie, a front desk staffer with a knack for saying and doing some decidedly frowned-upon/illegal stuff. But he's Charlie, so it's cool!

It's a ridiculous conceit, and both Beck Bennett (undefined office manager) and Kenan, who plays Charlie, know it. Charlie's behavior gets brushed off because he's "a charming old black man," in Franco's words, despite the fact that he tells people things like he wants to break into a woman's house and tie up her husband. Toward the end of the sketch, both of the actors start to crack, barely holding it together as the stakes of Charlie's antics go from gross to grand theft auto and kidnapping. 

This is 2017, folks. 

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Anthony Schneck is an entertainment editor at Thrillist. Follow him @AnthonySchneck.