Netflix's 'Sexy Beasts' Looks Like the Strangest Dating Show Ever

It's like 'The Masked Singer' meets 'Love Is Blind.'

Let's be real: In the world of dating, as much as people like to tout how they value personality over looks, being physically attracted to somebody does matter to an extent. Of course you want someone who's kind and funny and has the same interests as you, but even those who'd like to claim that they are the least vain among us think about appearance at least a little bit.

In terms of reality shows, taking looks out of the equation is nothing new. The Dating Game did it way back when, it's the main schtick on Netflix's Love Is Blind, and even talent shows like The Voice have factored it in. It's also happens to be the premise of Netflix's latest reality series to the most cursed extreme.

Today, Netflix dropped the trailer for (brace yourself) Sexy Beasts, a dating show that puts singles looking for love in over-the-top prosthetics and sends them on dates where they have no idea what the person sitting across from them looks like. Because isn't the ultimate test of chemistry to see if you can bond over bowling and axe throwing, despite your date having a giant shark fin coming out of their forehead? According to the streaming service, you can think of the show like The Masked Singer meets Love Is Blind.

Based on the teaser, the show looks absolutely chaotic—like, seriously—with contestants saying they value, "Ass first, personality second," and a cast featuring the likes of a massive bug, bull, bird, leopard, mouse, panda, shark, woodchuck, what looks like a freaky brain, scarecrow, perhaps Satan himself, and some other beasts for good measure (all of whom are probably conventionally attractive underneath).

Sexy Beasts joins Netflix's ever-confounding slate of reality shows this July, premiering on July 21. Fans on Twitter were quick to quick to point out that nobody asked for this and how dare the streamer cancel their favorite series for this—but you can watch the trailer above to see for yourself whether you'll be sinking your sexy teeth and claws to the show, come next month.

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Sadie Bell is the entertainment editorial assistant at Thrillist. She's on Twitter at @mssadiebell.