80-Year-Old 'Gamer Grandma' Posts a Perfect Video for Her Devoted Fans

Most grandmas can barely operate a landline. Shirley Curry is not one of those grandmas. In fact, the 80-year-old Virginian just celebrated the first anniversary of uploading video-game walk-throughs to YouTube.

Shirley started her YouTube channel back in 2011 but didn't upload her first video of Skyrim tips and tricks until September 18th of last year. Her formidable skills and adorable commentary quickly went viral, earning the grandmother of nine well over 150,000 subscribers.

As an anniversary gift to her legion of fans -- whom she refers to as "grandkids" -- Shirley uploaded a video thanking them for their support and showing off the many gifts they've sent her. While she's been a reliable source of gameplay videos over the past 12 months, this is Shirley's first true vlog, where she speaks directly to her subscribers on-camera; in the course of the charming 17-minute segment (which you can watch in full above), she shares the sort of fan love that would make DJ Khaled look ungrateful, and reminds her followers how much she loves their comments.

"I feel like you are my family," she tells us after sharing a very apt fortune cookie: share your joys and sorrows with your family. "And some of you have shared sorrows with me, which sometimes has literally brought tears to my eyes." Hm, same here. Sniff. "You definitely give me joy reading all your comments," she confesses before going on to open her heartfelt fan mail on camera. "I love them very, very much."

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In an interview with Vice, Shirley shared that the first game she got addicted to was Civilization II, which she found shortly after her son booted up her first computer in the '90s. Just a day after she uploaded her first Skyrim video, she received 11,000 emails from eager fans. "I just sat there and cried... I didn't know what to do with all of it," she told Vice over Skype, further proving her technological prowess.

If you didn't already think Shirley was the savviest grandma around, check out her profiles on other social media channels, where she proves she can be just as adorable on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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