'SNL' Ruthlessly Spoofs Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' Insanity

Published On 01/15/2017 Published On 01/15/2017
Saturday Night Live/YouTube

He might not be a president-elect with a pee pee scandal, but Nick Viall isn't safe from Saturday Night Live either.

In the tradition of past Bachelor spoofs, NBC's sketch show wrangled five women -- Cecily Strong (playing the worst girl in any room she's in), Vanessa Bayer (with impressively abrupt ombr├ę), host Felicity Jones (Alley, who was born in an Ashley), Kate McKinnon (a Hooters chef), and Aidy Bryant (sharp teeth in tow) -- last night to steal the heart of one bearded man (Beck Bennett)... "just for a sec."

As you'll see above, Beard Hunk accentuates the absurdity of this season's dates, obsessions, and attitudes toward sex and swimwear in ways that are so scarily accurate it's addicting. Sadly, no camel. Maybe next time.

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