Watch the 'SNL' Cast Barely Keep It Together in Cosby Jail Sketch

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The seemingly endless stream of accusations of sexual misconduct against powerful men, which has defined the Me Too movement over the past few years, has been depressing, infuriating, triggering, and all sorts of other negative emotions. But with Bill Cosby convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to three to 10 years of prison time, there has finally been a victory in the name of justice, all the more important because the justice system has so often failed to protect victims of sexual misconduct and punish perpetrators of sexual assault.

With Cosby in prison, Saturday Night Live decided to imagine what his day-to-day life in the joint might look like, with Kenan Thompson portraying Cosby and former cast member and episode 3 host Seth Meyers playing Cosby's new cell mate. Thompson's Cosby is the Cliff Huxtable version of the comedian, the one who scolds people for wearing their pants too low, who eats gigantic hoagies, and is happy the cafeteria serves Jell-O.

Thompson and Meyers can barely keep it together in the face of Thompson's goofiness, especially when he hides a huge sandwich in a hole he's carved in the wall behind an upside-down poster. Bill Cosby's downfall may be a horrible, sickening situation, but Saturday Night Live found a way to make it somewhat humorous.

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Wes Rendar is a writer who's watched every episode of every season of Saturday Night Live.