Watch 'SNL' Cast Members Lose It During This Date-A-Magician Game Show Sketch

Check out our list of the funniest Saturday Night Live sketches of the year. 

Modern dating is challenging, but it's especially tough when the person you're seeing is also a magician. (Just think of all the dove poop around their apartment.) At least, that's the premise of this game show parody from last night's SNL, which found host and Crazy Rich Asians actress Awkwafina playing a young woman who "just got out of a two-year relationship with a DJ, so I'm not feeling that picky," and goes on dates with a range of ridiculous magical suitors. In an episode packed with references to disturbing political news, this was a nice break to laugh at something everyone can agree on: Professional magicians are really goofy.

Playing the host of the show, cast member Leslie Jones struggled to keep it together at various points in the sketch, using a notecard to hide her giggles as the magicians strutted their stuff. And there were a good range of mystical dudes with hilarious names: Marconius Wilde (Kenan Thompson) is a Las Vegas sleight-of-hand expert who always has to take his cards back; Henry Von Dazzle (Kyle Mooney) is a steampunk escape artist with a old-timey mustache; Dante Raven (Pete Davidson) is a David Blaine-like master of pain; and Justin Byrd (Alex Moffat) is a blonde showboat with a curious relationship with his stage partner and sister. None of them are exactly good boyfriend material.

Obviously, making fun of magicians isn't quite daring new comedic territory and SNL is always going back to the game show well, but this is a fast-moving sketch with a handful of sharp gags. (Thompson especially does a good slinking back to retrieve his magically appearing items.) Like Jones and Davidson, you'll probably find yourself cracking up.

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Wes Rendar is a writer for Thrillist.