Alec Baldwin Returns to 'SNL' as Trump to Skewer Kanye West

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In a classic case of thinking of the best insult after someone has left, Saturday Night Live's third episode used its cold open to mock the musical guest from the season opener: the erratic, inimitable Kanye West. The noted Donald Trump fan stopped by the Oval Office to chat with the Commander-in-Chief, providing SNL with the perfect opportunity to bring back Alec Baldwin and rip Kanye for his questionable attitudes on the Constitution and, uh, Superman. 

While it doesn't stray too far from familiar territory -- Baldwin's Trump has been a mainstay on the show for the past two-plus years -- the sketch hilariously points out, via voiced-over thoughts from Trump, how similar he and Kanye are. Big brains recognize fellow big brains, even though they're both unhinged big brains. This guy makes Kavanaugh look calm and collected, Baldwin's Trump observes at one point.

To cap things off, Kenan Thompson provided some stability as legendary Cleveland Browns running back and civil rights leader Jim Brown, who spends most of the skit wondering how the hell he got there. It's a sentiment shared by a lot of the country, many of whom are wondering how much more surreal reality can get. Just keep one thing in mind: Superman doesn't wear a hat! 

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Wes Rendar is a writer who's watched every episode of every season of Saturday Night Live.