Steve Martin Returns to 'SNL' as Roger Stone Fishing for Sympathy in the Cold Open

Every new episode of Saturday Night Live brings the age-old guessing game about what real-life newsy blip the writers will harvest for the cold open, and this week was no different. Whoever guessed "the early Friday morning FBI arrest of impish Trump crony Roger Stone" wins the game this time. Your prize is the clip above.

Last night's James McAvoy-hosted episode opens coldly with the triggering intro jingle of a certain irrationally partisan cable news network personality's unwatchable program. After an exchange between the jackass-enabling Tucker Carlson (played by Alex Moffat) and the worm-like billionaire Treasury Secretary Wilbur Ross (Kate McKinnon) about the latter's recent out-of-touch shutdown-related comments, Martin's Roger Stone arrives to imply that, actually, he is to be pitied: "I'm just a poor, helpless old man. I'm 66. I'm almost as old as Sting."

Saturday Night Live takes next week off but will return February 10 with host and musical guest Halsey on board.

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