Alec Baldwin Is a Bad Hombre in Donald Trump's Last 'SNL' Debate Sketch

Few people will miss this year's often grueling presidential debates, but SNL viewers are going to miss Alec Baldwin's boorish take on Republican candidate Donald Trump and his onstage meltdowns opposite Kate McKinnon's robotically assured Hillary Clinton. In the first two debate sketches, Baldwin wowed us with the hilarious precision of his version of Trump's bronzed arrogance -- from the sniffing to the scowling -- and last night's final debate sketch was another master class at Trump (Impression) University.

Just like in the real debate, Baldwin's Trump started off in low energy mode, telling moderator Chris Wallace (played by host Tom Hanks) that he was going to be a "sweet little baby Trump." Of course, that didn't last for long. Baldwin's Trump got fired up pretty quickly in the nearly 10-minute sketch, hitting many of his trademark lines like "wrong," "nasty woman," and, of course, "bad hombres," which helped Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton win at Trump bingo. It was such a funny performance that at one point the sketch pulled away from Studio 8H to show the entire planet laughing at Trump. 

With just one more episode before Election Day (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) -- and a Trump victory looking increasingly unlikely -- it will be sad to see Baldwin recede from the SNL spotlight. It seems like he's having a great time, even showing up in non-Trump sketches like a goofy Sully sketch with Tom Hanks (who killed all night, especially in the Black Jeopardy! and David S. Pumpkins sketches) that you can check out below. Maybe he'll stick around after the election -- Trump probably isn't going anywhere either! 

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Dan Jackson is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment. He's on Twitter @danielvjackson.