Eddie Murphy Plays Velvet Jones in Bonkers 'SNL' Black Jeopardy Sketch

When Eddie Murphy returned to host Saturday Night Live for the first time since he was a cast member in 1984, he brought with him some of the characters that turned him into a star and helped save the show during a tumultuous time. We saw Mr. Robinson in the era of gentrification. We saw Gumby on Weekend UpdateAnd we also got this delightful rendition of Velvet Jones, the pimp who sounds like an infomercial, on an unhinged episode of Black Jeopardy. 

For those who don't remember all of Murphy's characters from more than three decades ago, Velvet Jones is a smiling, well-coifed man who promises women the opportunity to be financially independent and make $1,500 per week if they read his books, which include titles like I Wanna Be a Ho. Black Jeopardy serves as a vehicle for Murphy to do his Velvet Jones schtick, culminating in a typically 2019 update: The new book How to Be an Instagram Ho. 

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