This 'SNL' Quarantine Date Sketch Summons Issa Rae's Terrible Exes

What's scarier: Dating during a pandemic, or… Karate Man…?

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Quarantine restrictions are being lifted steadily in many states as the government gets a marginally better handle on COVID-19, and with restaurants reopening for sidewalk and limited indoor dining, the bravest (or maybe just loneliest) among us are going out on dates. When Insecure star Issa Rae stopped by Saturday Night Live this weekend for hosting duties, she and Chris Redd played a couple of quarantine daters having a night on the town—until Issa's dating regrets start rearing their ugly heads. 

Everything seems to be super normal at first: Issa explains that she hasn't been out on a date since the start of quarantine, and she tends not to get into relationships with the best guys. What kind of guys, you ask? Guys like Clifford (Kenan Thompson), a flower salesman in a Kools hat; Karate Man (Pete Davidson), who… loves karate; and Robot (Bowen Yang), one of those performers who spray paint themselves silver and take photos around Times Square (remember Times Square???). 

We're all for socially distanced outdoor hangs, but there's just one drawback to sidewalk dinner dates: When you're sitting outside, anyone could walk by, and New York is the smallest big city in the world. 

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Emma Stefansky is a staff entertainment writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @stefabsky.
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