Shaq Totally Approves of Kevin Hart's Ridiculous Impression of Him on 'SNL'

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Saturday Night Live put Kevin Hart to work this weekend. As part of his hosting duties, the comedian delivered a seven-minute stand-up set, starred in a Batman parody, and tried very hard not to poop his pants. Our favorite moment? Not Captain Shadow. Not the office call. No, it was that insane stretch of the show when Hart, clad in suit, tie, and big head, had to impersonate basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal.

Appearing behind TNT's Inside the NBA desk, Hart's Shaq joined Ernie Johnson Jr. (Alex Moffat), Kenny "The Jet" Smith (Chris Redd), and Charles Barkley (Kenan Thompson) to discuss Doug Jones' victory in Alabama. Or... he tried.

As you'll see above, Hart had a lot of fun delivering Shaq-isms and playing up the former NBA star's often hilarious quasi-feud with Barkley. "Yeah, well, lemme tell you something. Every dog has its day, but it's nighttime. No time for dogs. Dogs go to sleep. So it's cat time. Cats come out at night. Freaks come out at night. Shaq a freak."

It was a good sketch, but it became a great sketch when Hart's Shaq finally snapped and challenged his co-analyst to play some one-on-one. Doing so meant standing, which meant seeing the 5-foot-4 Hart hobbling on stilts to not-so-convincingly reach Shaq's 7-foot-1. "Man, look at you," Thompson's Barkley said, "tall body with little arms? You look like the letter 'F' came to life!"

Even Shaq's employers got in on the fun, tweeting, "It's like looking in a mirror." Brutal.

Don't fear for Hart's life -- he's actually good friends with Shaq. (Here they are talking about the movie Twins; here's footage of an adoring Shaq lifting up Hart like he would a baby.) In fact, Shaq loved the sketch, writing on Instagram, "you a fool for this one #laughatmypain #senseofhumor #laughatyourself." We're excited to see what kind of revenge Shaq has -- hopefully something on ice.

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