'SNL' Parodies 'Love Island' and It's Almost as Bizarre as the Real Thing

Is it, like, a requirement for every Saturday Night Live cast member to be able to do a really bizarre British accent? Cecily Strong proved herself worthy in last season's Great British Bake-Off sketch, starring her and Emily Blunt as two disastrous chavs, but this weekend half of SNL's cast showed off their impressions of people from all the places in the United Kingdom that you won't see on the brochures.

Part of the joy of being an American watching British dating show Love Island is getting to hear all the accents that aren't featured in Doctor Who or Downton Abbey. Truly, some of them sound like downright gibberish -- and this is coming from someone who just watched all five seasons of Peaky Blinders in under two weeks. "You've heard an English accent, you've heard an Irish accent," says the narrator of this fake-promo sketch. "Now, here are all the little weirdies in between."

Host Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays Essex-born Bellarosa, whose parents are a boxer and a pub, and she's up against Strong's Grace, a 22-year-old 41-year-old from Liverpool, and Chloe Fineman's Shiobhan is "from the part of Ireland where the soil is bones." Alex Moffat's character is from a part of England simply called "Murder-Suicide," and Aidy Bryant's catchphrase is just, "...Wot??" And absolutely none of them has anything resembling relationship standards. "It turns out, they also have 100% pure grade trash," the show's announcer says, "just like us!"

Next week's host is Stranger Things' David Harbour, which is pronounced like it's spelled.

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Emma Stefansky is a staff entertainment writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @stefabsky.