This Hilarious 'SNL' Ad Truly Captures Democrats' Anxiety Over the Midterm Elections

The midterm elections are coming up on Tuesday, which means everyone's totally fine and experiencing no anxiety whatsoever about the future of the country, right? Wrong, of course. And Saturday Night Live captured the extreme stress amongst people who want to put a stop to Trump and the Republican's agenda in their new "get out the vote" ad. 

It starts out relatively positive, but soon that facade starts to crack. "There's a blue wave on the horizon, and I've never felt more confident," Heidi Gardner says, her voice wavering. Beck Bennett's hand starts to shake when he says he's sure the Democrats are going to take back the House. Kate McKinnon, drinking bourbon out of a vase, experiences something close to a breakdown in a flower shop, and host Jonah Hill, playing a doctor, uses an oxygen mask to calm himself down. "White women promised to do the right thing this time," Leslie Jones adds, while holding an adorable kitten. "They're not going to let us down, right?" The cat looks skeptical. 

Meanwhile Pete Davidson, playing Aidy Bryant's son, tries to kid around on sensitive territory: "Me and all my friends can't wait to vote. So, we'll see you at the polls next Thursday." "Tuesday," Bryant cheerily corrects him. "I know mom, I'm kidding," he says. "Yeah, well, it's NOT FUNNY!" Bryant says, smacking him in the face.

Like all good SNL sketches of this ilk, there's something upsettingly honest about it. It's just barely a parody. If nothing else, at least there's McKinnon's glass-shattering primal scream to carry us through the next couple of days.

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Esther Zuckerman is a senior entertainment writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @ezwrites.