Fake Netflix Commercial on 'SNL' Makes Fun of the Infinite Stream of Movies and Shows

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If there's one thing that's true about Netflix, it's that it has a lot of movies and shows. Like, a LOT. So many original series and original movies, in fact, that it would be virtually impossible for any one human to make it through all of them. That's what happens when a streaming company decides to spend $8 billion in a single year on original productions, with plans to expand even further in the years ahead. 

What does this mean for the future of the streaming platform? According to the fake Netflix commercial that aired on a Saturday Night Live hosted by The Crown's Claire Foy, it means Netflix will be throwing money at virtually any new pitch that comes its way in an effort to create a literally endless scroll of shows and movies that will keep you glued to your television for all eternity. 

Got a show about someone named Jenny? You've got money for a show! Want a spinoff that mashes up The Crown with Saved by the Bell? You've got Foy in Saved by the Crown! There's also gritty takes on old classics, like Officer Winslow, a reimagination of the Steve Urkel-led Family Matters. It's all a joke... but not really. It probably WOULD take 12 human lifetimes to watch all of Netflix's original content. 

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Wes Rendar is a writer and Saturday Night Live expert at Thrillist.