Eddie Murphy Brings Surprise Guests to His Brilliant 'Saturday Night Live' Monologue

Eddie Murphy is back! After more than 30 years, the comedy legend returned to the Saturday Night Live stage to host the final show of 2019 -- or, as he puts it, the first show for black people since he left in 1984. Did he get bored? Is he obligated to appear in public more often now that he's promoting his new Netflix original movie, Dolemite Is My Name? Does he just need to make money to support his 10(!!!) kids? 

Whatever the reason, Murphy came back with friends this time around. After pulling no punches with a Bill Cosby joke, Murphy brought out a powerhouse trio of Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle to make the evening extra special. As Chappelle joked, half of Netflix's budget was on that stage. It's not often you get to see Murphy, Morgan, Rock, and Chappelle together on one stage, but that's the kind of magic SNL can deliver. 

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