World's First Pregnant Man Freaks Out About His Penis on 'SNL'

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Saturday Night Live/YouTube

The miracle of life can be a beautiful thing, and news of a pregnancy often something to be celebrated. But in this deranged Saturday Night Live sketch, which revolved around the world's first pregnant man, a press conference that was supposed to be a shining moment in history took a turn for the traumatic.

"Anybody have olives and peanut butter? I'm having a really weird craving," the father in question (Mikey Day) quipped.

Unfortunately, cravings and paternity clothes would be the least of his worries. See, while the initial plan was to deliver the baby via C-section, the fragility of the dad's artificial womb demanded a more natural birth, meaning the baby would only be able to find freedom after completing a 24-hour, drug-free marathon through the dad's urethra.

Day's character -- played with the perfect amount of WTF -- learned all this live, forced, in the moment, to picture "a bowling ball going through a Twizzler" and that thing that happens when Bugs Bunny puts his fingers in Elmer Fudd's shotgun barrels.

Unsurprisingly, his new least favorite word quickly became "Tulip-ing." Well, second only to "triplets."

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