Eddie Murphy Resurrects Mr. Robinson in Hilarious 'SNL' Sketch

What has the classic Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live character Mr. Robinson been up to in the 35 years since we last saw him? Dealing with gentrification, of course, just like every other city dweller over the past three decades. The Mr. Rogers parody approaches with typical hilarity the destruction of neighborhoods and demographic change that comes when real estate speculators buy up and renovate property in supposedly undesirable neighborhoods in an effort to make property values jump. 

How has Mr. Robinson held onto his apartment after all these years? Squatter's rights, of course! Now he has to contend with a whole new group of all-white neighbors who want to know things like what happened to their new 72-inch TV. Mr. Robinson deals with such affronts in his typical neighborly fashion, which usually involves yelling. 

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