Bill Hader Showed Up to Host Hilarious 'What's That Name?' Sketch on 'SNL'

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The host of March 2's Saturday Night Live might have been comedian John Mulaney, but the star was former SNL cast member Bill Hader. He currently plays titular leading character of HBO's Barry and is a creative partner of Mulaney's on IFC's Documentary Now!, and he dropped by to give Mulaney a hand, reviving one of his lesser known, but still beloved, characters: Game show host Vince Blight. 

Blight hosts "What's That Name?" which shows contestants a face and asks them for a name to match it. Things are going well for Mulaney's Doug and Cecily Strong's Courtney when they have to identify celebrities for five bucks each. When Blight raises the stakes to $250,000, though, he not only makes the game more difficult, but turns it into something personally ruinous. 

Doug has no idea that his friend Todd's girlfriend of four years is named Karen, and Courtney -- the only female partner at her advertising firm -- can't recall her coworker's wife's name, preferring to refer to her as "lady" or "mama." Things devolve further as Vince Blight challenges Doug's misogyny and generally creates misery for everyone involved, culminating in a bridesmaid challenge for Doug that gives him all but one letter of the bridesmaid's name. Surprise: He still doesn't know it.

When Doug asks Blight why he hosts such a mean, pointless game, Hader shifts into Bane mode and responds, "In a word? Chaos."

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Wes Rendar is a writer and Saturday Night Live expert.