'Saturday Night Live' Hilariously Spoofs Donald Trump's Health Report

When Dr. Ronny Jackson relayed his report on President Donald Trump's health, he sounded more like the head of the Trump Is Actually Totes Fine Fan Club than a doctor. "The president's overall health is excellent," he said, going on to repeat the word "excellent" almost a dozen times: "Hands down, there's no question that he is in the excellent range."

His words came loaded with so many of the same infectious and empty intensifiers that pepper Trump's speeches some began questioning the legitimacy of the exam and wondering about Jackson's health. That's why Saturday Night Live had the physician on the show this weekend -- so he could set the record straight and finally share his real, totally unbiased, 100% accurate health assessment. "At the time of examination, the president was 71 years and seven months young, his resting heart rate was a cool 68 BPM, his weight a very svelte 239 pounds, he has a gorgeous 44-inch coke bottle waist, his height is 75 inches, with legs that... seem to go on forever," said the new, but not-so-improved Jackson (played by Beck Bennett). "It's my expert medical opinion that the president's got a rockin' bod."

Without Alec Baldwin on hand to portray the commander-in-chief, SNL has started 2018 by parodying the people around him. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), there's still no shortage of comedy fodder coming out of the White House.

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Sean Fitz-Gerald is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment. Find him on Twitter: @srkfitzgerald.