Watch Kate McKinnon Make the 'SNL' Cast Lose It in This Mother's Day Sketch

This week's Amy Schumer-hosted SNL was filled with mom-related material for Mother's Day, with the cast members' moms stopping by for the cold open and Melissa McCarthy making a cameo during "Weekend Update" as Michael Che's loving and supportive stepmom. But the best mom sketch of the night had to be the game show parody Mother Knows Best, which once again found Kate McKinnon playing a character who makes the rest of the cast lose their shit.

Schumer did her best to keep it together as host Shelby McAllister, a self-described "YouTube sketch comedian" and "a serious, genuine singer." In a Dating Game-like format, she quizzes normal teens and their moms with questions like "What's something you do that drives your mom crazy?" If you know your mom's tics, you can win big money. Simple enough. 

But Aidy Bryant and Leslie Jones' typical moms find it hard to compete with McKinnon's overly doting character and her sweet 17-year-old boy John Christopher, played by Mikey Day. These two share a bond that could generously be called... unhealthy. As the sketch quickly reveals, the two share a bed and a fondness for kissing on the mouth. Their antics get more and more ridiculous and Jones especially struggles to keep it together as McKinnon stares out into the abyss and rubs her son's inner thigh. ("Oh my God!" cries out Schumer's host at the end.)

In honor of Mother's Day, see if you can do a better job of holding it together.

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Wes Rendar is a writer and game show fan