Chris Rock's 'Saw' Movie 'Spiral' Looks Completely Twisted

Naturally, the horror franchise that's the most obsessed with life vs. death (and torture machines) is resurrecting itself. The Saw movie series is coming back to the big screen on May 15 with Spiral, billed as a tale "From the Book of Saw" -- I guess in the same way that F9 is an installment in "The Fast Saga" and Solo was "A Star Wars Story."

Based on the newly released trailer, it looks like Spiral is aiming to be less torture-porn-y and more like a demented Se7en-style murder mystery. But you can reasonably expect that at least a few of these characters will be put into some sort of ultra-painful life-threatening situation.

The movie stars Chris Rock, who is also executive producing and has a "Story by" credit, as a police detective who, along with his rookie partner (The Handmaid's Tale's Max Minghella), gets drawn into a mysterious series of cop murders eerily reminiscent of another kind of crime that used to plague his city. Along with a veteran police officer who is apparently Rock's character's father (played by Samuel L. Jackson, who yells, "You wanna play games, motherfucker?" as if he has NO IDEA what movie he's in), the three find themselves at the center of a sadistic game devised by... someone.

It doesn't quite look like a Saw movie until you get to some of the real scary stuff at the end, like a torture machine in which someone's got their fingers attached to wires and their head in some kind of helmet contraption. Looks uncomfortable and bad! Glad that isn't me! Also, someone keeps leaving spiral graffiti all over the place, reminiscent of the red whorls always dotting Billy the Puppet's pinchable lil cheeks.

No one knows whether Tobin Bell will be back to play the terrifying killer Jigsaw, but it does seem like this will not be a sequel to the badly received Jigsaw, which came out with a splat in 2017 and marked the long-running franchise's return after a seven-year hiatus. Remember when there was a new Saw movie every year for, like, a billion years (okay, only six)? What a good time that was, unless you're like me and hate watching people cut off their own limbs. Yikes! Still, Chris Rock horror movie!

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Emma Stefansky is a staff entertainment writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @stefabsky.