Besides telling us that apparently everyone on the planet listened to Drake this year, Spotify also just released some of its quirkiest streaming data yet. Like, that there is a person in Los Angeles who listened to “Panda” for almost two full weeks in 2016. Users also created playlists about Bernie Sanders and burritos, and at least one person listened to “Sorry” on repeat last Valentine’s Day. Basically, the data suggests that our streaming habits are as weird as 2016 was, but here’s the nitty-gritty:

There were some really dedicated fans

We get that when you really like a song, sometimes it’s all you can listen to. But there was one person in LA who took that to entirely new levels when he listened to Designer's “Panda” 4,454 times this year. That’s the equivalent of listening to the song for 12 straight days. 12 STRAIGHT DAYS. I can’t even go 12 straight days without losing a contact lens. There was also someone in Tribeca who listened to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” 955 times, and in comparison to the Panda-obsessed listener, this seems reasonable.

There was some heartbreak

There are breakups every year, but only in 2016 did one New Yorker listen to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” 42 times on Valentine’s Day, while just 800 miles away, a Chicago native played it 17 times that very same day. Are these two connected? What did you do? Have you made up yet? Who apologized first? There was also one person in LA who listened to the Spotify “Forever Alone” playlist for four straight hours -- and we hope that was just a dark time that has since passed.

And a lot of debating

How many people did you unfriend on Facebook this election cycle? It was a particularly rough one, so it’s no surprise that people turned to music to release their rage when they couldn’t post lengthy, opinionated rants without ruining Thanksgiving. In New York, someone made a soundtrack literally titled “One Night Stand with Jeb Bush like He’s a Bond Girl in a European Casino.” And they said that guy was “low energy!”  

There was also a slew of playlists dedicated to Bernie Sanders, including a soundtrack to the “Bernie Sanders Danke Meme Stache” and another to his “Rap Game.” A few others: Bernie Sanders & Chill, Yeezy Bernie Harambe, and Learning to Tango: Bernie Sanders.

Then there was someone who listened to the Hamilton soundtrack more than 5,000 times this year. We have an idea of who that one was though...

But at least there were burritos?

The top three food songs in 2016? That would be DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean,” Major Lazer’s “Cold Water,” and D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli” -- which a single person in Williamsburg, Brooklyn listened to 113 times this year. Mexican food was apparently also big in the steaming-sphere, with one person making a playlist called “In All Forms Except Physical, I am an Enchilada” and at least seven user playlists were dedicated to burritos. Is there anything more inspiring than meat, cheese, and sour cream wrapped in a tortilla?

We spent a lot of time wishful thinking

February in Chicago is not really the time for a backyard BBQ, but that didn’t stop someone there from listening to the Summer BBQ playlist for three straight hours on Feb. 28, dreaming about frozen margaritas while bundled up under 15 blankets on the couch. There were also at least two New Yorkers and a Nashville native who started listening to holiday music all the way back in June, and we’ve decided they are the three jolliest people in the whole damn country.

Especially in Chicago

When a century-old curse is lifted, it’s cause for some serious celebration, no matter who you root for. So it makes sense that after the Cubs secured their World Series win in the 10th inning of Game 7, over 47,470 people in Chicago listened to “Go Cubs Go.” FYI: That’s about 6,000 more people than can actually sit at Wrigley Field. (Although, weren’t we all there in spirit?)

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