Which kind of flask are you?

Plenty of occasions these days call for an emergency supply — parties, funerals, whenever you damn well please, etc. (Regardless, make sure you're responsible and legal each and every time.) Now, a brown paper bag may be cost-efficient and versatile, but it won't show off your gleaming personality. Solution: a flask. In our collection, there's one for every type. Find out below which fits you, pick one up, and throw one back. Cheers!

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Perfect for keeping it casual. You live your real life on nights and weekends. You might bring a flask to your buddy's place, or take it along on a Saturday afternoon stroll. Easy on the wallet and not too flashy, these show a little nonchalant personality and go wherever you need them to, so that your liquid courage is always within reach.

Leighton Pope

Perfect for a classy night out. You don’t mess around when it comes to your accessories — Izola prides itself on craftsmanship, and so do you. You like your blazers well-tailored and your whiskey small-batch. These minimalist, elegant flasks eschew the traditional rectangular shape for a clean, stainless steel circle. They ooze refinement and quality, and are happiest in a gentleman's pocket.

Perfect for breaking the ice and keeping spirits high. You’re the life of the party, you've got jokes, and you were born to make people laugh. You have a whole arsenal of gags up your sleeve, so why not add another to your back pocket? These flasks are a visual one-liner that’ll keep everyone chuckling, whether you're charming everyone with a witty toast or simply taking a break.