The Perfect Gifts to Buy 'Star Wars' Fans This Holiday Season

star wars gifts
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Before there were Star Wars gifts... there was Star Wars. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy you call home, George Lucas's science-fantasy adventure changed the lives of countless generations -- including someone you owe a gift this holiday season. With The Last Jedi on the horizon, Star Wars materialism is once again on the rise. Overwhelmed? Remember Yoda's words: "Fear is the path to the dark side… fear leads to anger… anger leads to hate… hate leads to suffering." Well, don't be angry, don't be hateful, and certainly don't suffer. We've sifted through Star Wars clothes, toys, Last Jedi prep reading, and everyday household items that look like lightsabers to assemble a collection of gifts worthy of Jabba's palace. To quote Yoda once more: "Do or do not. There is no try."

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The best Star Wars: The Last Jedi gifts

luke skywalker last jedi book
Disney Book Group

The Legends of Luke Skywalker

Disney Book Group, $9.99
The Force is strong with LucasFilm's prequel novels, which fill the gaps between George Lucas's original trilogy and the latest installments that hand the torch off to Rey. Considering The Last Jedi's focus on Luke Skywalker, this novel by celebrated sci-fi author Ken Liu, should be on the top of your list. Once you're done with that, jump to one-offs on Princess Leia and Captain Phasma next.
Where to buy: Amazon


Elite Praetorian Guard: Black Series

Hasbro, $21.88
Much like the shiny red guards who protected the Emperor way back when, the Elite Praetorian Guard is in charge of slicing the throats of anyone who comes at the First Order's man-in-a-hologram, Supreme Leader Snoke. Per tradition, Hasbro's "Black" series recreates the new foot soldier with an extreme attention to detail, making it the perfect ornament for a desk (or an actual play thing). 
Where to buy: Amazon


Star Wars Chewbacca with Porg back buddy

ThinkGeek, $39.99
If you didn't get The Last Jedi memo: we love porgs now. The sea bird species native to Luke's hideaway planet, Ahch-To, is cute, cuddly, and weaponized with wide-eyes to melt even the most diabolical villain's black heart. In The Last Jedi trailers, we've seen at least one porg wind up on the Millennium Falcon. As made abundantly clear by the upcoming kids book, Chewie and the Porgs, the ship's tall furry guy befriends that small furry guy. ThinkGeek is way ahead of your love for this new character, with an officially licensed Chewie/Porg backpack. 
Where to buy: ThinkGeek

star wars battlefront 2
EA Games

Star Wars Battlefront II

EA Games, PS4 and Xbox, $59.99
The sequel to EA's tactile action title serves up more characters and more maps (from Naboo to Starkiller Base) for use in the run-amok multiplayer showdowns. The game also packs the franchise's first single-player mode: as Iden Versio, commander of the Empire’s elite "Inferno Squad," players will navigate the post-Return of the Jedi galaxy, executing fallout missions and coming to terms with being one of the "bad guys." What does this have to do with The Last Jedi? Don't fret: the ending of Iden's solo campaign should tease new details about the First Order, and EA will release Episode VIII-specific maps, like the salty word of Crait, and fan favorite characters (Finn! Phasma!) on December 15 to coincide with the release of the movie.
Where to buy: EA and Amazon

Marvel Comics

Star Wars: Poe Dameron Vol. 1: Black Squadron

Marvel, ebook ($5.50); paperback ($12.34)
We don't know much about Oscar Isaac's hotshot pilot character, who opens Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a bang. But anyone could know more about Poe if they had this first collection of Marvel comics, which details his rise as one of Princess Leia's favorites.
Where to buy: Comixology and Amazon

porg plush
Disney Shop

Porg plush

Disney, $14.95
You thought we were done with the porgs? Hell no we aren't done with the porgs. Pick up and submit to the power of this cuddleable version sans Chewbacca. The eyes are stronger than any "dark side."
Where to buy: Shop Disney

The best Star Wars shirts, clothing and other merch

three stormtroopers sweater
Star Wars

"The Three Storm Troopers" holiday pullover

Disney, $29.99
In 1980, RSO Records released Christmas in the Stars, a Star Wars-themed holiday album that includes such ditties as "R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas," "The Odds Against Christmas," and "What Can You Get a Wookiee for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb?)." We suggest throwing that on while wearing this festive, carol-themed sweater.
Where to buy: Amazon

star wars engraved watches
Skin and Grain

Star Wars engraved watches

Skin and Grain, $55.25
We don't know how your father will take a "Best Dad Ever" watch emblazoned with Darth Vader's face (he was... a bad dad), but that and all the watches in Skin and Grain's collection defy the steely, technological bent of most Star Wars gifts with a rustic look that's totally nifty. 
Where to buy:Etsy

jyn rogue one cardigan
Lucasfilm Ltd

Rogue One Jyn open cardigan

LucasFilm Ltd, $89.95
Jyn Erso got the short end of the death stick. Somewhere along the development stages of her blockbuster vehicle, Rogue One, the antihero's compelling backstory fell to the wayside; the finished film was more like two-hours of Battlefront gameplay with a wipe-the-slate-clean ending that ensured none of its characters could return to the franchise. We say: figure it out, LucasFilm! More Jyn Erso! And if you're not going to do it, we're going to give everyone this slick cardigan until you do. Jyn: it's a movement now.
Where to buy: Amazon


Resistance shoes

Po-Zu, $125
Po-Zu's ethical, sustainable manufacturing mantra descends upon the Star Wars universe with these Resistance high-tops. The 100% vegan lace-up Sneaker is made with organic cotton and stamped with a rubberized Rebel Alliance badge. The Wookies of Kashyyyk thank you for your effort to look stylish while acknowledging that "creatures" are people, too.
Where to buy: Po-Zu

Design By Humans

Boba Fett Cloud City Sunset T-shirt

Design By Humans, $26
Lifted from Olly Moss's run of Star Wars original trilogy posters for Mondo, this graphic tee opens up the world of Bespin inside a portraiture of Boba Fett. Lando will be extremely jealous.
Where to buy: Design by Humans

luke skywalker empire strikes back jacket musterbrand

Luke Skywalker jacket

Musterbrand, $189.99
Modeled after Luke's threads in Empire Strikes Back, Musterbrand's light jacket is perfect for the fall season, light winter temperatures, chillier spring nights, or learning your greatest enemy is also your father then falling thousands of feet down an exhaust pipe. 
Where to buy: Amazon

Rag and Bone star wars collection
Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone x Star Wars

Rag & Bone, $95 - $1,295
"Every other space movie is set in the future, [but] Star Wars is set in the past and it feels like a completely believable parallel dimension," Marcus Wainwright, CEO and Creative Director of Rag & Bone, says in his explanation video for why his company created a line of high-end, fashion-driven pieces based on the films. The project appears to be a success; from T-shirts to quilted sweaters, the line is Star Wars without ever feeling costume-y. Worth $1,295? Well how much do you love your giftee?
Where to buy: Rag & Bone (starting December 1)

star wars lipstick

Star Wars limited edition Colorlicious lipstick

CoverGirl, $17
CoverGirl doesn't go into much detail on how it derived these particular colors from the spectrum of Star Wars, but the gold seems close enough for anyone wearing it to claim they've glossed up their lips like C-3PO. 
Where to buy: Amazon

The best Star Wars toys and games

app controlled r2-d2

R2-D2 app-enabled droid

Sphero, $180
Be the Jawa to your loved one's moisture farmer by giving this replica of R2-D2 that can actually beep, boop, and move around on command. While not fully sentient, users can control Artoo's every move with Sphero's custom app.
Where to buy: Sphero and Amazon

lego millennium falcon

Lego Millennium Falcon

Lego, $799
At 7,500 pieces, this detailed replica of the Falcon is one of the most complicated builds in LEGO history. If your giftee doesn't consider themselves an expert, opt for Lego BB-8, Kylo Ren's Last Jedi TIE fighter, or the new First Order Heavy Assault Walker.
Where to buy: Lego Shop

Lucasfilm Ltd

Ewok squeaky puppy plush chew toy

Lucasfilm, Ltd., $15.99
If you believe Wicket and his fellow Ewoks are the original trilogy's Jar Jar Binks, then wait until your dog rips the crap out of this adorable chew toy. Yub nub!
Where to buy:Amazon


Captain Phasma blaster

Nerf, $31.99
After The Force Awakens slighted Gwendonline Christie's chrome soldier with a few throwaway lines and nary a battle scene in 120 minutes, The Last Jedi promises some actual action for the cult character. Get hyped for Phasma's return with this dart-shooting replica of the First Order assailant's weapon of choice.
Where to buy: Amazon

star wars origami
Workman Publishing Company

Star Wars origami

Workman Publishing Company, $11.79
Achieve Zen while sitting in your own personal Dagobah yurt by folding up craft paper and creating the exquisite Star Wars designs packed into this book.
Where to buy:Amazon

princess leia 40th anniversary action figure

40th anniversary Princess Leia Organa

Hasbro, $16.97
Another "Black Series" item, this throwback figurine revives the look and feel of the old Kenner action figures (which the company didn't have ready for the release of the 1977 movie!). Forty years later, the vintage toys will definitely be on time this Christmas.
Where to buy:Amazon

risk star wars

Risk: Star Wars Edition Game

Hasbro, $18.89
There are a ton of branded variations of classic board games out there, but few that change up the rules and board. In the Star Wars take on Risk, players can board Rebellion X-wings or Empire TIE Fights to duke it out and decide the fate of the Death Star.
Where to buy:Amazon


Death Star light-up beach ball

Swimways, $4.99
"Yo, bro, toss me that moon!" "That's no moon..."
Where to buy:Amazon

Fantasy Flight Game

Star Wars: Armada Game

Fantasy Flight Game, $70.99
For hardcore board game geeks comes this tactical tabletop game in which players assume the role of fleet admiral for either the Rebellion or Empire. Issued commands can be the difference between life and death; as Fantasy Flight Game . puts it: "Capital ships can’t easily vary their speeds or execute hairpin turns like the starfighters that buzz around them, so successful admirals must learn to master every aspect of the ships in their fleet and learn how best to implement their strategies well in advance of the initial engagement." Grab an eight-pack of Mountain Dew, a tub of cheese puffs, and do your holiday right, nerds.
Where to buy:Amazon

Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges - AR Headset with Lightsaber Controller and Tracking Beacon

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges -- AR headset with lightsaber controller

Lenovo, $199
If your giftee can stave off the embarrassment of being the technologically savvy version of "Star Wars kid" then she or he should have a blast in the augmented reality world of Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. The bundle from Lenovo that includes lightsaber battles, holochess, and an real-time strategy game that finds you lording over the Battle of Hoth. All you need is a mobile device (most iPhones, Samsung, and Google models are up to the task) to plug into the visor and you're set.
Where to buy: Best Buy

star wars landspeeder radio flyer
Radio Flyer

Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder

Radio Flyer, $399.99
The 7-year-old equivalent of a Mustang.  
Where to buy:Radio Flyer

The best Star Wars art

xwing blueprint
Inked & Screened

Star Wars Vehicles: X-Wing blueprints

Inked & Screened, $19.99
If your giftee ever obsessed over those Star Wars cross-section books, they'll get a kick out of these CAD-worthy renderings of the universe's vehicles (you can also find Millennium Falcon and Death Star versions). 
Where to buy:Amazon

shadows of the empire poster
Brandon Bird

Shadows '96 poster

Brandon Bird, $15
With pop-culture-infused works seemingly yanked from parallel universes, Bird is art's answer to Tim & Eric. He does not indulge in lazy, TeeFury-generated IP-splicing. Instead, his pieces -- like this "what if?" movie poster for the everything-but-a-movie Star Wars sequel Shadows of the Empire -- reflect a bizarre side of celebrity and fandom (while still looking incredible on a wall). 
Where to buy: Brandon Bird Store

Marvel Comics

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire Vol. 1

Marvel Comics, ebook ($15); paperback ($25.98)
We at Thrillist consider comic books to be art, man, so don't go arguing with our decision to file these bound runs of Dark Horse's mid-2000s Star Wars comics under this category. While no longer canon, these explorations of the Star Wars universe's darkest corners are worth your time, just for the zany aliens and rule-bending plots that would never, ever be absorbed into the current movies.
Where to buy:Amazon

The best Star Wars gifts for the home

star wars waffle maker
Pangea Brands

Darth Vader waffle maker

Pangea Brands, $39.99
"Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well. You have controlled your batter. Now, release your batter. Only your hatred can destroy this waffle."
Where to buy:Amazon

exogorth snow globe star wars

Exogorth Space Slug snow globe

ThinkGeek, $19.99
It's difficult to be nerdy about Star Wars when it's the most mainstream property on the planet, but then ThinkGeek puts out an esoteric snow globe honoring the Corellian-freighter-gobbling space worm from Empire Strikes Back's asteroid scene and reminds us, yeah, it's still possible to be nerdy about Star Wars.
Where to buy:ThinkGeek

lightsaber mixer star wars
Pangea Brands

Luke's lightsaber immersion blender

Pangea Brands, $29.99
Technically it's Anakin Skywalker's immersion blender, but the results remain the same: nothing tastes as good as a mix whipped with the power of a kyber crystal.
Where to buy:ThinkGeek and Amazon

Kotobukiya Co, Ltd.

Star Wars boiled egg shapers

Kotobukiya Co., Ltd., $9.64 (individual)
These ARE the eggs you're looking for.
Where to buy:Amazon

Bradford Exchange

Yoda bronze lamp

Bradford Exchange, $179.95
In the Presidio, at a satellite campus to Skywalker Ranch, the home of Industrial Light and Magic, stands a statue of Yoda, an inspiration to all who walk among him. If you don't plan on being in San Francisco any time soon, consider picking up this bronze lamp that does the same trick. Give yourself the confidence of a Star Wars special effects technician with this one-of-a-kind gift.
What to buy:Amazon

star wars record player

Star Wars Cruiser deluxe record player

Crosley, $109.95
This fold-up turntable is perfect for spinning Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk, Meco's 1977 disco record featuring the number-one-Billboard-hit "Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band," or a record someone would actually want to listen to.
Where to buy:Turntable Lab or Amazon

Disney Music Group

Star Wars: A New Hope 40th anniversary box set

Disney Music, $150
Speaking of records you'd actually want to listen to, this new edition of the Star Wars soundtrack boasts remastered tracks spread across three, 180-gram vinyl LPs, each etched with unique hologram art, and 48-page hard cover book on John Williams and the making of the score. You have not heard the opening fanfare until you've heard this version.
Where to buy:Disney Shop

star wars razor shaver

Poe wet & dry electric shaver

Philips, $116.99
Poe Dameron's number one rule: show up to every assault run cleanly shaven. Be all about the Resistance, but not about the space wind resistance.
Where to buy:Amazon

han solo carbonite fridge

Han Solo mini-fridge

ThinkGeek, $159.99
While this unit does not employ actual carbonite to keep drinks cold, it is the perfect accoutrement for a Star Wars-themed bungalow. Warning: you may feel like a tubby Jabba the Hutt while guzzling beer and sitting next to a frozen Han Solo.
Where to buy:ThinkGeek

star wars millennium falcon bottle opener
Rebel Alliance

Star Wars Millenium Falcon metal bottle opener

Rebel Alliance, $4.94
This bottle opener can crack open a brew in 12 parsecs, guaranteed. 
Where to buy:Amazon

wookie chewbacca star wars

Furry Chewbacca Wookie Star Wars cold can cooler

ICUP,  $11.97
So you've grabbed a beer from your Han Solo fridge and opened it with a Millennium Falcon bottle opener. Next step? The Chewbacca koozie!
Where to buy:Amazon

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