Stephen Colbert Gave President Obama the Worst Job Interview of His Life

The end of Barack Obama's presidential tenure is near, a fact not lost on Stephen Colbert, who just wants our 44th commander in chief to make an easy transition back into the job market. To help, The Late Show host transformed into a capeless hero named Randy, and ambushed POTUS last night for last-minute résumé tweaks and get-out-the-vote efforts.

"[Millennials] have the opportunity to make history," a deadpan Obama told Colbert during a mock job interview, above. "The results in November could change their lives forever." Given the choice between a very experienced, extra-fiber nutrient bar and a shriveled tangerine, covered in Golden Retriever hair, filled with bile, that Colbert wouldn't leave alone with the woman he loves, Obama opted for the former. He also revealed he's proficient in Microsoft Excel, drives stick, and wears a mean Snapchat flower crown.

In other words: he's gonna be fine! As for the rest of us? Well.

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Sean Fitz-Gerald is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment. Also, not much of a citrus guy. Find him on Twitter: @srkfitzgerald.