The Perfect Gifts to Buy Stephen King Fans This Holiday Season

Stephen King gifts
Nick Thackray
Nick Thackray

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The last year has been a gift for Stephen King fans. With the mega success of IT, the breakouts of lesser-knownadaptations on streaming platforms, and the upcoming Hulu series Castle Rock, which will mine multiple King books for inspiration, there's never been a better time to be an obsessive reader of America's most popular living horror writer. All that King media means one thing: The King fans in your life will need more King gear.

Many obsessives own most of the famously prolific novelist's back catalog -- and probably already have a copy of his latest book Sleeping Beauties, which he co-wrote with his son Owen King, sitting on their nightstand -- so you won't find any King titles on this list. Instead, we're digging a little deeper to find something creepy for the IT-loving noob and the Dreamcatcher-defending diehard in your life. These are the best Stephen King gifts money can buy:

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The best Stephen King shirts & apparel

Stephen King gifts

Pennywise the Dancing Clown T-shirt

Nemons, $19.95
There are mountains of Pennywise-related T-shirts out there, but this is the best one because it's not super scary. You don't want to be the person with the terrifying killer clown apparel at the party.
Where to buy:Etsy

Stephen King gifts

The Shining Christmas jumper

Union9, $24.34
Why not spread some holiday cheer with this clever take on the classic Christmas sweater? A little "redrum" always goes well with eggnog.
Where to buy:Etsy

Stephen King gifts

The Dark Tower "All Things Serve the Beam" necklace

SevenTreeRoad, $12
The heavily hyped Dark Tower film adaptation starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey may have been a critical and commercial dud, but don't let that scare you away from showing your love for King's epic fantasy series. This necklace says, "The movie sucked, but I still believe!"
Where to buy:Etsy

misery dress t-shirt
Chop Shop Clothin

Custom Misery tank top

Chop Shop Clothing, $30
There's no better tank top to wear in bed as you recover from a long-injury under the watchful eye of an ex-nurse-turned-possibly-psychotic-caretaker. 
Where to buy: Etsy

Stephen King gifts

"Stephen King Rules" hooded sweatshirt

UnTeeFeated, $26
Stephen King has written so many good books that your horror obsessed friend might not want a book-specific sweatshirt. Instead, they'd probably prefer this more general shirt, which broadcasts King-enthusiasm in a succinct manner.
Where to buy:Etsy

The best Stephen King collectibles

Stephen King gifts
Varèse Sarabande

The Stephen King Original Soundtrack Collection

Varèse Sarabande Records, $89.98
Your King-loving sibling will flip for this collection of King movie (and TV!) soundtracks for The Shining, Firestarter, The Stand, and Dreamcatcher. Perfect for a lazy afternoon of spooky reading.
Where to buy: Varèse Sarabande

Stephen King gifts
Summit Gifts

Christine car model kit

Summit Gifts, $24.99
We can't guarantee that this model of Christine, the terrifying car with a mind of its own from King's 1983 novel and John Carpenter's underrated film adaptation of the same name, won't come to life and try to murder someone in your sleep. But… it'd be kinda cool if it did, right?
Where to buy:Summit Gifts

Stephen King gifts

Stephen King Simpsons action figure

NECA, $17.99
Despite being super famous and having a signature look, Stephen King doesn't have a ton of action figures on the market. (I know -- it's shocking that there aren't more Creepshow toys out there.) But you can get this Simpsons figure for the collectible nut in your life.
Where to buy:Amazon

the shining bag
Lucy's Designs

The Shining day handbag

Lucy's Designs, $34.25
Who among us hasn't looked at the carpet little Danny Torrance drives his big-wheel over in The Shining and thought, "That would look great as a handbag?"
Where to buy: Etsy

Stephen King gifts

Maximum Overdrive movie poster

MoviePosterDotCom, $71.99
Stephen King has only directed one movie -- the completely ridiculous car apocalypse thriller Maximum Overdrive -- but he was lucky enough to get put on the poster. No King fan study is complete without it.
Where to buy it: Amazon

The best Stephen King gifts for the home and office

Stephen King gifts
Caroline Blicq/Redbubble

The Shining "All Work And No Play" mug

Caroline Blicq, $15
Get this coffee mug for the self-loathing, perilously unproductive writer in your life. Maybe it will inspire them to pen their own snowbound horror classic.
Where to buy:Redbubble

insomnia jewelery box
Hidden Treasure Shoppe

Stephen King's Insomnia hollow jewelry box

Hidden Treasure Shoppe, $25
King's 1994 novel Insomnia isn't exactly one of his most talked-about titles. (No, it has nothing to do with the Al Pacino movie Insomnia from the '00s.) But you'll be the talk of your office gift exchange if you roll up with this jewelry box. 
Where to buy: Etsy

Stephen King gifts

Stephen King book pillow

Kezzarama, $21.59
After a long evening of racing through his latest long and terrifying tome, true King devotees will want to lay their heads down on this pillow that features the spines of some of his most beloved paperbacks. (Scary dreams not included.)
Where to buy:Redbubble

1408 dolphin hotel robe
Key Tags R Us

1408 (Dolphin Hotel) Keychain

Key Tags R Us, $4.99
Order this keychain, which is inspired by a short story from King's collection Everything's Eventual, for you cousin that keeps insisting that their apartment is haunted. 
Where to buy: Etsy

Stephen King gifts

Stephen King book face art

MadMedicMerrick, $23.10
There's lots of fantastic Stephen King fan art out there -- just take a look at Deviantart, Redbubble, or similar sites -- but you probably have an uncle who would get a kick out of this poster, which does that thing where it makes a portrait of King's face out of his book covers. Uncle's love that stuff.
Where to buy:Redbubble

Books for people who love Stephen King

dark tower omnibus
Marvel Comics

The Dark Tower omnibus

Marvel Comics, $104.96
Marvel Comics has been publishing a Dark Tower title, with creative oversight from King himself, since 2007. But if you haven't been keeping up, this hefty omnibus will bring you up to speed. 
Where to buy: Amazon

The Dark Net Benjamin Percy
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $20.24
In the world of contemporary horror literature, few writers can match King's mix of psychological realism, ornate prose, and pure scares. Benjamin Percy, the author of the chilling werewolf saga Red Moon, more than earns his frequent King comparisons, and his latest novel exploring the freaky corners of cyberspace sounds like essential reading.  
Where to buy:Amazon

The Force Don Winslow
William Morrow

The Force by Don Winslow

William Morrow, $16.38
Anyone who follows King on Twitter knows that he consumes as much pop culture as he pumps out. This New York City cop epic by Don Winslow is one of the many titles King has stanned for in the past year, calling it "mesmerizing"  and "a triumph." If you dig King's occasional detours into crime fiction, this one might be for you. 
Where to buy:Amazon

Broken Monsters Lauren Beukes
Mullholland Books

Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes

Mulholland Books, $9.99
This is another King recommendation. He called this serial killer thriller from Beukes, the South African author of the excellent time travel brain-scrambler The Shining Girls, "scary as hell" and "hypnotic." I think he knows what he's talking about! 
Where to buy:Amazon

Stephen King gifts
William Morrow

Strange Weather by Joe Hill

William Morrow, $18.29 
This collection of four novellas, which might remind some of King's Different Seasons, comes from King's talented son Joe Hill. It's the ideal present for that co-worker who you assume has already read most of King's big books.
Where to buy:Amazon

Possibly the creepiest IT gift in existence

Stephen King gifts

Pennywise the Clown costume

SewCalledLife, $450
You might not know someone who "needs" this beautifully sewn adult clown costume. But just imagine the face of the person that opens this one up during the family gift exchange.
Where to buy:Etsy

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