Jack Daniel's motel stage
Anthony Humphreys
Check In, Rock Out
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Stories About (and Inspired By) That Time Jack Daniel's Built a Motel

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Jack Daniel's built a motel. Let that sink in and then imagine what it would mean for this legendary liquor to create a motel, pack it with musical history & performances, and throw some of the biggest parties you can think of. Now multiply that times 100 and add in Andrew W.K. (legally) marrying people. Welcome to the Jack Daniel's Motel 7 experience, traveling the country with an epic series of musically fueled motel parties. And in honor of all the fun, we swung by the bashes in Brooklyn and Miami to get inspired for a whole lineup of stories that range from barrel-making breakdowns to features on the real lives of pro music photographers. Get into it all below, and make sure you check the details on future motels right here.

Jack Daniel's motel sign
Anthony Humphreys

Mother of God, Jack Daniel's Motel Is Glorious

Before you check the stories inspired by Jack Daniel's Motel No. 7, you should wrap your head around what on earth the thing is. We went to experience it in Brooklyn and Miami, and we broke it down piece by piece, from legit marriages and fried-on-site boozy donuts to freestyle rap battles and rooms filled from floor to ceiling with pillows. Click here for the full rundown.

Jack Daniel's Jeff Arnett
Courtesy of Jack Daniel's

13 Burning Questions on Whiskey with Jack Daniel's Master Distiller

If there's one thing all the Motel No. 7s have in common its their affinity toward Tennessee Whiskey. To get a better handle on what everyone was sipping, we hoped on the horn with Jack Daniel's Master Distiller and self-proclaimed whiskey obsessive Jeff Arnett. Here's the proof.

Jack Daniel's Motel No. 7 haircuts
Dana Lauren Goldstein

A Glorious Timeline of Rock Haircuts

Jack Daniel's brought a whole freakin' salon to their motel, complete with some stylists who know how to help people rock some seriously loud cuts. And it got us thinking: what are the most quintessential rock haircuts? Well we cut through the whole history for a snazzy little timeline.
Andrew WK marriage
Anthony Humphreys

Andrew W.K. Married a New Jersey Couple in a Warehouse in Brooklyn

Yup. Andrew W.K., the unoffical... actually, no... the official master of partying is an ordained minister, and he led half a dozen marriages on-site at the Brooklyn motel. Here's more on just one of those unions.
Ja Rule
Dana Lauren Goldstein

What It's Like To Be a Music Photographer

With acts like T-Pain and Cloud Nothings, you better believe there were music photographers at the party snapping pics. And that got us thinking: what is it actually like hauling four-foot lenses through crowded mosh pits trying to capture sweaty guitar players under flashing lights? After talking to some of the best in the biz, here's everything you should know about music photogs. 
Barrel making at Jack Daniel's
Anthony Humphreys

How Jack Daniel's Makes Their Whiskey Barrels

An oft-overlooked component to that whiskey you love so much? That (apparently pretty complicated) aging barrel. At the motel, barrel experts were giving quick demos on just how those dry wooden slats become whiskey wielders, so we thought we'd do even more research and put together a comprehensive rundown from tree to tipple.