Netflix's First 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Trailer Teases an Even Bigger Monster

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Stranger Things, Netflix's summer phenomenon, wrapped up the story of a missing kid in Hawkins, Indiana, and opened an entire dimension worth of questions in the process. What will show creators Matt and Ross Duffer wind up answering in the next set of episodes? We've been tracking Stranger Things Season 2 like a goofy, Dungeons & Dragons-playing nerd in the '80s might, but today, Netflix finally delivered a first look at the follow-up season -- and it's haunting.

The trailer is a splash of images: a resuscitated (but clearly affected) Will Byers; Chief Hopper investigating... something; the kids bike-bound in Ghostbusters costumes; scientists at the  Hawkins Laboratory, working on Will in Eleven-like fashion; and the grand finale: a really, really, really big monster. H.P. Lovecraft is losing his shit in hell right now.

We know the name of every episode the Duffers have coming at us in 2017. We know that there are new cast members joining the cast and complicating the plotline. And now we know when we're getting the show: Halloween. Buckle up -- the mystery's getting bigger and scarier in 2017.

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