Revisit Eleven's Past in the New Eerie Teaser for 'Stranger Things' Season 4

Are you listening?

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Look, it's clear that the Stranger Things team is not going to dole out details about the Season 4 plot willy-nilly based on this new teaser. Less a sign of what's to come than a remembrance of where we've been, this footage takes us back into Eleven's past. A group of children, all outfitted like our hero was at the start of her adventures, play games in an eerie facility, maybe Hawkins National Laboratory. We see the back of Matthew Modine's Martin Brenner, a.k.a. Papa, as he strides into the room. He tells them he has something "very special planned" for them.

"Eleven, are you listening?" we hear him say, while a closeup of Millie Bobby Brown's eyes open. 

Is this a flashback or something new? Maybe Brenner, who we thought was dead and gone, is alive and running more tests on kids. An alternate timeline, perhaps? We don't know much, but we do know Modine was apparently spotted on set, which means he's likely back in some sort of capacity. If you'll recall, Season 3 left off with the cliffhanger that David Harbour's Jim Hopper was captured by Russians; who knows what else they have up their sleeves. 

What we also don't have is a release date. The show is in production, though, so expect one on the horizon. 

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