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Watch Steve From 'Stranger Things' and Jean-Ralphio Confirm That Goofy Theory

Steve from Stranger Things Jean Ralphio Fan Theory
Late Late Show | CBS
Late Late Show | CBS

Most fan theories die on the vine. Even if you combed all the early episodes of True Detective Season 1 for hints that Rust Cohle was the Yellow King, printed out "get hype" T-shirts for the Cleganebowl on Game of Thrones, or became convinced Saved by the Bell is actually a Zack Morris dream world, there's nothing you can do to bring certain fan conspiracies to fruition. Or at least, that's how it used to be: now, thanks to the internet, your favorite Stranger Things fan theory is coming true.

Earlier this summer, careful viewers of Netflix's summer sci-fi hit became convinced that Nancy's romantic suitor Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) was actually the father of Parks and Recreation character Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz). Both characters are from Indiana. They're both lovable jerks. They both have great hair. You do the math.

If this was a normal fan theory, that would be the end of it. Many other Stranger Thingsfan theories floating around message boards remain unconfirmed, but the "Steve is Jean-Ralphio's dad" theory has taken on a life of its own, becoming a Demogorgon-like monster of speculation that threatens to consume the internet. On Tuesday night, we got our first photo evidence that Steve and Jean-Ralphio had somehow broken through the space-time continuum and met each other in real life. What could this mean?

Well, now we know: last night, Keery and Schwartz appeared on TheLate Late Show together, getting interviewed by Entertainment Tonight host Nischelle Turner. At first they both tried to deny the familial connection -- even though they were wearing the same outfit -- but the power of father-son cross-dimensional love was too powerful. Just watch the clip for yourself below.

Very touching. Now, if only James Corden can get Eleven and the Monster to sit for an interview and confirm the second-most prevalent theory, then we really will be living in a golden age of theory-dom. Maybe they could do Carpool Karaoke together? Just a thought -- I'm betting the Monster has an impressive vocal range. 

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