Season 2 of Netflix's 'Street Food' Heads to Latin America in This Gorgeous New Trailer

The food docuseries from the same people behind 'Chef's Table' heads south for its second season.

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Travel as we're used to is pretty much out of the question this year. Thanks to Netflix, though, you can take a multi-stop, food-based excursion from the comfort of your couch: The culinary docuseries Street Food returns on July 21 with its latest edition, Street Food: Latin America. It might not be the same as devouring tacos on the streets of Oaxaca or choripán in Argentina, but in the absence of going there ourselves, Street Food: Latin America is the next best thing. 

The trailer highlights moments from the upcoming series in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, exploring the stories of various street food vendors and the cultural influence of their dishes. Street Food, which is one of the best food series on Netflix, comes from the team behind Chef's Table and first aired in spring of 2019 with Street Food: Asia, which traveled from Japan to India, visiting many of the countries in between. You'll be able to watch all six of the new episodes later this month, but for now, you can work up an appetite by checking out the preview above. 

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Sadie Bell is the entertainment editorial assistant at Thrillist. She's on Twitter at @mssadiebell.