5 types of Summer shoes under $100

Unless you’re #normcore enough to rock a pair of Birkenstocks without shame, it’s high time to get yourself some Summer-exclusive shoes. Light, breathable and casual, this is footwear that's made to take some heat between now and September — all for under $100. These five Summer shoe styles will dress up a casual outfit, tackle a beach party in style, or give you a stylish reason to even wearshoes in the first place.

These Summer-friendly standards are made in part with suede or linen, which make them more comfortable and breathable — and more casual — than their slick, all-leather counterparts. Continue Reading

Boat shoes are a comfortable, sockless Summertime option, originally designed to provide grip on the decks of... boats. They’re traditionally made of leather, but have come to include canvas and suede, too.

Comfortable, slim, and all-around easy, loafers exist for the days when you’re either looking for a casual style upgrade, or just lazy enough to want to avoid tying shoes.

Keeping sand from charring the soles of people's feet since the days of the ancient Egyptians, these are simple sandals that get the job done, but maybe save them for when you're not working.

Canvas sneakers are durable, flexible and breathable, and can lighten up dressier outfits or complete a Summer casual look.