3 Easy Ways for Cord-Cutters to Watch Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us once again, which means you'll either be heading down to the nearest sports bar or frantically trying to figure out which of your friends is hosting a party. Except, you totally don't have to do either of those things, because it's officially never been easier for cord-cutters to watch the NFL's season-ending playoff game

So how the hell can you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and watch this game of games on your own terms? Simple: just use one of the following methods.

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Watch it online with CBS

For the second year in a row, CBS is making it insanely easy for cord-cutters to watch the Super Bowl. Simply use the CBS Sports app on one of your streaming devices (like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Xbox One), or check out the live player on your computer, and you'll have a direct feed straight from the horse's mouth/broadcast.

But what if you wanna watch on your phone? Well, in that case, you should...

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Get Verizon Wireless

Sorry, every other mobile carrier. Thanks to the company's NFL partnership, Big Red customers get to live stream the Super Bowl to their Verizon mobile devices via the NFL app. It's totally free, of course -- unless you count data charges, in which case your bill's probably gonna soar into the stratosphere. Fortunately, there's a little thing called "connecting to Wi-Fi" that'll leave your data cap completely untouched.

The downside of both of these methods, though, is they rely on the strength of your Internet connection -- which, as we all know, is totally unreliable. If it's dependability you're after, why not...

digital antenna
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Use a digital antenna

This requires a bit of foresight, as you'll have to purchase a physical object and set it up in your home prior to game time -- but it's totally worth it. Indoor antennas are actually pretty cheap nowadays, and setting one up is as simple as plugging it into the TV and positioning it near a window. And better yet, there are sites that'll show you the right direction to point your antenna for the various stations you're trying to pick up.

Of course, this tip's only useful if you already have a TV -- if not, you'll have to buy one! Just make sure you get it from somewhere with a solid return policy, and you're golden.

Basically, you've got no excuse

The above three methods have you covered on mobile, computer, and broadcast TV, so the only acceptable reason to not watch/stream the Super Bowl is if you're blind. Or an embittered Giants fan. Of course, you'll probably just end up watching the game at your friend Dylan's place, even though he insists on making veggie chili -- but it's nice to know you have options.

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