9 Outrageous Moments From Super Bowl LIV That Everyone Is Talking About

jennifer lopez, super bowl liv
Jennifer Lopez twirls | Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images
Jennifer Lopez twirls | Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images

The Super Bowl has come and gone yet again, and all we're left with are loads of ads and memories. Yes, we'll remember the game -- Kansas City won, and we'll definitely be able to tell you that a year from now -- but the Super Bowl is about more than just the game. Here's a quick rundown of some highlights you might have missed if you lingered too long at your party's bean-dip fountain.

The Rock crooned

If you've seen Moana, you know that The Rock can sing, sort of. Well, he used those pipes when introducing the (now champion) Kansas City Chiefs at the outset of the evening. He slightly altered the lyrics of the oft-covered song "Kansas City" and briefly crooned, "Kansas City, here they come." He didn't sing for the 49ers and look what happened to them. So prescient, The Rock.

Christine Sun Kim stole the pre-game show

The TV broadcast didn't cut to Christine Sun Kim's expressive signing very often while Demi Lovato was belting out the national anthem. But what they did show of Kim's performance was, in a word, awesome. Her whole career is well-worth diving into. She's a visual, performance, and conceptual artist who has been featured in the Whitney Biennial and whose works explore her own deafness. So basically, she was the coolest person on the field the whole night.

#babynut happened

Nobody knew if Planters would really air Mr. Peanut's funeral, the ad teased in a pre-Super Bowl video that killed off the 104-year-old mascot, in the wake of Kobe Bryant's death. Presumably with some editing, the peanut company went ahead with it, and lo, from a tear shed by Kool-Aid Man a new nut was born: Baby Nut, reincarnated with the consciousness of Mr. Peanut. Capitalizing on the recent pop-culture baby craze -- see: Baby Yoda, Baby Sonic, Baby Groot, etc. -- Baby Nut, and the confounding hashtag #babynut, blew up online. Within minutes, screencaps and video edits were making rounds on Twitter, with people saying that they would give their lives for Baby Nut or they wanted to grind his tiny ass to peanut butter. However you feel about Baby Nut, we can all agree that the ad execs should have seen all the sex stuff coming.

Wilford Brimley cleared up some confusion

The glasses and mustache-based resemblance of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and legendary Quaker Oats cereal pitchman and "diabeetus" meme star Wilford Brimley was pointed out by many social-media wags on Super Bowl Sunday. Brimley -- now 85 and the subject of an actually useful internet meme that calculates and announces when celebrities cross the Brimley/Cocoon age line, i.e., when they turn 18,530 days old, the precise age then-50-year-old Brimley was when the movie Cocoon came out, because the actor looked much older, especially by today's standards, which causes your mind to buckle a bit when Brimley's Cocoon-era image is placed next to, say, that of recent Brimley/Cocoon crosser Paul Rudd, a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan who was at Super Bowl LIV (it comes full circle) -- is a proactive, entertaining celebrity tweeter, and engaged with a fan who questioned whether Reid was, in fact, Brimley. The answer: nope.

Shakira stuck out her tongue

You likely caught it, but Shakira and Jennifer Lopez teamed up for a halftime show that featured Bad Bunny, J. Balvin and a lot of dancing. One moment from Shakira's set particularly entertained some Twitter users. After crowd-surfing while performing her hit "Hips Don't Lie," she got back on stage, leaned down to one of the cameras, stuck her tongue out, and shrieked, a move some have noted was likely an homage to her Lebanese and Colombian heritage. The clip quickly became meme fodder. "Me realizing I just ate an allergen," comedian Ziwe Fumudoh tweeted.

Jennifer Lopez reigned

In a better world, the halftime show would have been a stop on Jennifer Lopez's path to collect an Oscar for her performance in Hustlers, but she was rudely and inexcusably snubbed in the Best Supporting Actress category. So, instead, the Super Bowl acted as a cathartic way for Lopez and her fans to flip the proverbial bird to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Channeling her stripper character Ramona, Lopez brought out a pole and suspended herself midair before launching into "Waiting for Tonight." Sure, she was probably planning to do this before the nomination didn't come through, but now it can read as a powerful "look at what you're missing" statement. Her director Lorene Scafaria tweeted out a picture of Lopez aloft with just the word "Amen." We couldn't have said it better.

A-Rod got excited

Hey, we loved when Shakira played the drums. We loved when Jennifer Lopez came out wearing a big Puerto Rican flag. But no one loved the halftime show more than Lopez's betrothed, Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod tweeted effusive praise for J. Lo, but the accompanying video was where the real party was. Rodriguez captured himself among a crowd singing the chorus to Lopez's "On the Floor" in a state of complete ecstasy.

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Disney+ finally teased its Marvel shows

Most of the movie trailers that aired during the Super Bowl featured footage that we'd already seen. So when an ad opened up with an unfamiliar shot of Captain America's shield wedged into a tree, our interest was piqued. Turns out it was the first footage from the upcoming slate of Marvel shows for Disney+, and the clips we saw were, well, very exciting. The glimpses of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier show Anthony Mackie assuming Cap's mantle and Bucky Barnes doing some smoldering. But it doesn't look half as bizarre and fun as WandaVision, which appears to be a trippy parody of sitcom tropes over the years, evoking I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch, and more but with Scarlet Witch and her android boyfriend. And it ends with Tom Hiddleston's Loki, who is also getting his own show, claiming that he wants to burn this place to the ground. Fine, Marvel. We're in.

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The game heated up

It was a fairly uneventful Super Bowl game until the fourth quarter, but the tension ratcheted up dramatically over the final five minutes. With Kansas City down three and a little under three minutes left in the game, the Chiefs scored a touchdown on one of those "did the ball cross the goal line?" situations, but the on-field review eventually went the team's way, putting them ahead of San Francisco 24–20, after the extra point. Then, some general sloppiness occurred and Kansas City again scored a touchdown, putting them ahead by 11, solidifying the franchise's second-ever Super Bowl win, and first in 50 years, as well as marking head coach Andy Reid's first championship after coaching in the NFL for 28 years. See you next year!

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