Daniel Radcliffe's Farting Corpse Movie Gets a Trailer

Swiss Army Man blew the roof off this year's Sundance Film Festival -- and did so using the power of star Daniel Radcliffe's butt. The off-kilter love story stars Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood) as a deserted islander ready to end his life and Radcliffe as a dead body that washes up on shore, just in the nick of time. A little magical realism (and a lot of flatulence) later, Dano and Radcliffe find themselves on a cross-wilderness journey so dangerous, so wondrous, that Michel Gondry, Jim Carrey, and Bear Grylls would collectively swoon. 

We won't say much more about Swiss Army Man. We were among the Sundance attendees who witnessed Radcliffe's gassy Weekend at Bernie's act and Dano's surprisingly poignant work as a wayward soul. The movie has tons of tricks up it sleeve, as teased in the above trailer. The movie's not joking when it claims to involve a "Swiss Army man" -- Radcliffe's deceased body turns out to make a great woodchopper, flamethrower, and grappling hook.

Swiss Army Man, which ranked on our Best of Sundance list, hits theaters on July 17.


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