You’re Doing It Wrong: 10 Easy Ways To Make Running More Enjoyable

Enter Events

Instead of pounding the pavement alone or with a dog or with a cat who’s weirdly nimble on a leash, enter into community 5Ks or fun runs. Why? Well, women accounted for 8.6 million race finishers compared to only 6.8 million men. If you’re single, you should like those odds.

Head Indoors

If you’re looking for an easier time, hit a treadmill at the gym. The lack of wind resistance makes for an easier workout. That means five miles on a treadmill is easier than five miles outdoors, but you can still brag about it to people strangely interested in just how far you are able to run at any given moment.

The great outdoors
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Head Outdoors

Alternatively, if you’re just bored with the gym and it’s not difficulty that’s holding you back from Michael Johnson status, run outside. A 2012 study found that runners average a 32% slower pace on a treadmill. Plus, you can literally just run away from people you don’t like instead of stationary jogging next to them for an hour while angrily trying to assemble some sort of towel shield.

Get New Shoes

After about 400-600 miles of wear and tear, most running shoes are kaput. Meaning that the midsole is degrading to the point where it won’t provide support to your dogs. If you’ve got nagging joint pain or other little problems, it could be a sign it’s time to upgrade. Or just grade, really.

Download Some Running Apps

Sure, you probably have something that already keeps track of your pace, heart rate, and… uh, sweatiness levels? But what you probably don’t have is something that draws funny pictures out of your daily route, like figurerunning.

Don’t Tell Anyone You’ve Started Running

Studies have shown that the act of telling people you’re doing something releases the same delicious reward endorphins as actually doing it. Keep your plans silent and you might get it done, plus you’ll be the cool mysterious guy with silent plans.

Listen To Music

You’re probably already doing it (or listening to podcasts of the Smitten Kitchen), but if that iPhone is full of grunge metal and other great music for a 13-year-old president of the VCR club, change the speed. Multiple studies have concluded that up-tempo music can increase physical performance. Yes, thanks to Skrillex, you’ll be better… which is pretty upsetting.

Join a Running Group

And instead of rolling solo with that Skrillex mix tape, join a local running group. The innate competition of group fitness can encourage you to push harder and accomplish more as an individual. Plus you might meet some cool dudes who really like Skrillex... which is also really upsetting.

Just Wait 1-2 Years

For Wristify, an MIT-nerd backed venture that’s looking to create wearable air conditioners. Just slap them on your wrist and, theoretically, you won’t be so uncomfortably hot as you do your daily jog through the desert. Conversely, don’t jog through the desert. Can’t wait? They’ve got a mailing list where you can sign up to participate in early studies.

Order A Huge Meal To Be Delivered Precisely When You Return Home

Really, the best way to make everything more enjoyable is to end it with a triple cheese pizza. Especially lactose intolerance support group meetings.