Matthew McConaughey Gets High, Shouts Poetry, Shoots Guns in 'The Beach Bum' Trailer

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I could tell you that Harmony Korine's new acid trip of a stoner movie The Beach Bum has Snoop Dogg, a gas mask bong, a coke-addicted parrot, and the biggest joint you've ever seen alongside Jimmy Buffett in a hot tub, Jonah Hill eating soft serve, a kitten that drinks PBR, and Matthew McConaughey playing a character who calls himself "Moondog." I could say all of these things, but trust me: It's much, much better for you to see them for yourself.

The first trailer for The Beach Bum is literally everything we were hoping for as soon as we spied those photos of McConaughey swanning around the Florida coast in a stringy Thor wig and a flowy pink nightgown. Korine, who also gifted us Gummo and the psychedelic crime drama Spring Breakers, has been hard at work on his newest since last year, gathering together a bizarre cast that also includes Isla Fisher, Martin Lawrence, and a Zac Efron who vapes for the weirdest and wildest movie of the year.

On an idyllic coastline that could exist at any time and place, Moondog and his buddies Lingerie (Snoop Dogg), Minnie (Fisher), Flicker (Efron), and Captain Wack (Lawrence) have crafted for themselves a peaceful, elevated life of drugs, drink, and pure creativity, until the law comes crashing down on their lifestyle. It really harshes their mellow, man, and all Moondog is trying to do is write the next Great American Novel.

Can I just say again that Snoop Dogg plays a character in this movie named Lingerie?

The trailer is full of what has become Korine's signature palette of neon technicolor hues in blissed-out soft-focus, and the whole thing promises to be something you must experience to believe. Not unlike the official poster:

Like a gentle wave, The Beach Bum rolls into theaters this year on March 29.

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